SHHS Winter Term Design Thinking Research Project

Attached is the text of my Design Thinking Research Project for SHHS this term.

I’d very much welcome your commentary on its strengths, weaknesses, and how to shape the assignment as it unfolds over the course of the winter term.



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  1. Hey History Dept!

    Pook, I was kind of relieved to see that this project can be completed individually or in groups. For my upcoming project on racism, I feel that a personal response is a crucial aspect to the project, so I will not be allowing them to work with a partner – it really changes the dynamic in the daily classroom meetings!

    In addition, I was blown away by the list of topics students can choose from, and it made me think about how 8th graders could also be exposed to such a diversity of texts and ideas (age appropriate, of course). Instead of reading ALL of Warriors Don’t Cry, I could give them one excerpt and then include other articles, like Unpacking the Knapsack of White Privilege and Beverly Daniel Tatum’s discussion of the definition of racism in Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria? And, I’d think I’d want some excerpts from works in the19th and 20th centuries. The challenge would be to figure out how to choose! Of course, Facing History does have a curriculum for this topic (and I have drawn from it), so I could start there.

    Maybe Beverly Daniel Tatum’s piece would be a good discussion starter for a Friday Diversity Discussion?

    ~ Laura


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